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My Approach

So, you’re curious about coaching! Maybe, at the same time, you’re wondering, just what is coaching, exactly? Or, what makes Deborah different from all the other coaches out there? Or, how does this all work and what can I expect?

I look at coaching as a collaboration, and a tool to help you to access your own intuition and deep knowing about what is right for you. No one knows you better than you! Sometimes you just need someone to ask the right question, or reflect back to you what you’ve said in a way that allows you to really hear and see yourself differently. To disrupt the automatic, habitual responses.


Have you ever faced a change in your life, and experienced some kind of resistance to it – either internally or externally? Are you having trouble making a shift, even though it’s something you want? Are you resisting a change that has been thrust upon you, or having trouble adapting to your new reality? Are you just feeling stuck, and unable to move forward?


Every change, even the ones we want, involve an accompanying loss, whether we’re conscious of it or not: loss of a previous home or neighborhood, loss of a relationship, or relationships that must shift, loss of a job, even a loss of an old schedule or way of life, to name a few.


I will embark on a journey with you that will take you to a place of growth, increased self-knowing, authenticity, personal power and compassion, where you are more able to speak your Truth. To identify the loss, and support you in letting go of what is holding you back, so that you can step into the flow of your life.


Let go, step in.


My promise to you is to ask, listen, reflect, challenge, and hold you accountable to what you commit to, all with compassion and curiosity. My aim is to help you move through the inevitable changes that life offers – both the voluntary and involuntary changes – with grace.


The general flow of coaching with me, which can occur in a single session, or over the course of several sessions, looks something like this:


  1. What is most present for you? What would you like to work on?

  2. Uncover the deeper meaning

  3. Dare to dream

  4. Acknowledge the obstacles, and get curious about them

  5. Tap into emotional awareness and intuition

  6. Find self-compassion, which inevitably leads to compassion for others

  7. Mourn the losses

  8. Grow into and embody your personal power

  9. Feel gratitude, a sense of positivity, hope and release

  10. Take an action step, and let me hold you accountable


If any or all of this resonates, you’re in the right place!

Whether this is another step on your developmental path, or a new path that you’ve never tried before – either way, welcome.

If you’re open, willing and curious, and want to try something new to get where you’re going, welcome.

If you’re ready to open to receive, welcome.

If you want to get to work and start peeling back the onion, welcome!

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